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Understanding Texas Drug Possession Laws

In Texas, handling drugs or possessing controlled substances without any legal permission is considered a felony. The Texas drug possession laws are the laws that handle cases involving illicit drugs by a felon. The Texas Controlled Substance Act prohibits various illicit substances, and any person who is found to possess such substances is taken to violate the Act. Offenders who have been reported to have handled prohibited substances such as controlled drugs are brought to trial. Proving whether the offenders are guilty or not guilty, the law allows the prosecution to have enough evidence.

The prosecutor proves beyond any reasonable method to find whether the defendant handled or possessed the drugs intentionally or knowingly. Texas drug possession laws deepen its prosecution of humanity’s rights, and if the law finds the felon is aware of the law, then the penalties are applied. If the offender handles the drug without the clue of breaking the TCS Act, then the proper procedure is followed to handle the case.

Does Drug possession in Texas treated as a felony?

In many cases, possessing drugs, especially those with no valid licenses, can be treated as a crime. The weight of cases involving offenders to possess or own such drugs differs, depending on the type of the drug or quantity of such substances. The charges that offenders may face to handle controlled drugs in Texas are always strict. The penalties for handling or possessing controlled drugs according to Texas Law are categorized into groups. Therefore, the punishment for possession of controlled drugs in each category differs from the other group. These groups include 1, 1-A, 2, 2-A, 3, and 4

Texas Drug Penalty Groups

Group 1

This is the group where the individuals possess drugs such as opioids. The penalties for possessing drugs in this group involve jailing the offenders in six months to two years plus the amount of money of $10,000. Such penalties are involved to the offenders when they have been found to possess a small quantity of the drugs. The offenders found with a large quantity of these controlled drugs are fined $100,000 as a maximum fine and imprisoned for a period of 15 to 99 years.

Group 1-A

The individuals who possess LSDs or related substances of LSD such as isomers or salt are grouped in Group 1-A. Penalties involved are imprisonment between six months and two years and an additional fine of $10,000. Those individual have been found to possess large quantities are fines a fine up to $250,000 plus 15 to 99 years jail.

Group 2

This group involves individuals who are found to possess drugs such as hallucinogenic drugs. These drugs include peyote, PCP, and Ecstasy. The punishment to those who possess small quantities includes six months to two years of imprisonment plus a fine of up to $10,000. Those found to have possessed drugs in large quantities have to spend a period of 5 to 99 years in prison plus paying a maximum of $50,000 as a fine.

Group 2-A

Those offenders found to possess artificial compounds such as Spice fall under Group 2. Felonies found to possess small amounts are treated as misdemeanors and have to spend one year in jail. The offenders found to possess large amount are sentenced to spend 2 to 20 years in jail plus a fine of up to $10,000

Group 3

According to Texas Law, those who possess opiates and stimulant drugs are tread as misdemeanors, and they fall under this group. Felonies found to possess a small amount are jailed for up to one year and a fine of up to $4,000. Jailing of up to 99 years is a penalty for those found to possess a large amount.

Group 4

Offenders found to possess chemical compounds substances, as well as prescription drugs, fall in this group. Those who are found to have the drugs in small quantities are jailed for up to six months. There is a fine of not more than $2,000—felonies possessing a considerable amount to have to face a sentence of 5 years to 99 years. There is also an additional fine of a maximum of $50,000.

Accused of Drug Possession In Houston?

Handling or possessing controlled drugs in Texas is breaking Texas Controlled Substance Act. Any individual found to possess such drugs is treated as a felon. Drug possessing felony is acted with no mercy and accordance to Texas Law. If you or a loved one stand charged with a criminal offense related to possession of a controlled substance, contact a reputable drug offense law firm like The Gagliardi Law Firm, PLLC  or another top Houston criminal lawyer to learn to truth about your options.